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If the file system cannot provide the necessary data, Deep Scan searches at binary level. Results are presented with the help of a filter, and can be classified according to type, data and size. The search can be paused anytime and the session saved for later continuation. Disk Drill is also able to help in data loss prevention. One of its functions is Recovery Vault, which is an extra layer to the Recycle Bin. In addition, the data recovery app provides Guaranteed Recovery, a function that saves a copy of any file moved into a selected folder.

Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems

The application can also help with iPhone and Android devices. Disk Drill also comes in a Windows version. Mac Safe Mode Fundamentals Mac safe mode , sometimes called safe boot, is a way to start up your Mac computer. Mac Safe Mode Start Up Mac OS X safe mode performs certain checks, such as verifying the startup disk, repairing directory problems, and loading the necessary kernel extensions.

The login screen will appear. Enter your username and password.

Do you have El Capitan issues?

The words Safe Mode will appear in red in the menu bar. Performance will be slower. This is because many features are not available in safe mode.

How to boot in Safe Mode

Boot mode in the System Information window displays Safe. Leaving Mac Safe Mode Restart the computer without holding any key.

Most Common El Capitan Issues and How to Deal With Them

Enter your password, and the computer will reboot in normal mode. This guide will show you how to set your Mac's startup device. The Mac's startup process is normally predictable. After you push the power button, you see a gray screen or a black screen, depedning on the Mac you are using while your Mac searches for the startup drive , and then a blue screen as your Mac loads the files it needs from the startup drive.

14 Problems With Mac OS X And How To Fix Them | Digital Trends

If all goes well, you'll end up at the desktop. If your Mac gets stuck at the gray screen, you have a bit of detective work ahead of you. Unlike the blue screen problem mentioned below, which is pretty straightforward, there are a number of culprits that can cause your Mac to get stuck at the gray screen.

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Luckily, it may be easier than you think to get your Mac running again, although it may also take a bit of time. If you turn on your Mac, make it past the gray screen, but then get stuck at the blue screen, it means your Mac is having trouble loading all the files it needs from the startup drive.

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  7. Restore the system to its normal mode.
  8. This guide will take you through the process of diagnosing the cause of the problem. It may also help you perform the repairs needed to get your Mac up and running again. Many startup problems by a drive that just needs some minor repairs. But you can't perform any repairs if you can't get your Mac to finish booting. This guide shows you tricks to get your Mac up and running, so you can try to repair the drive with Apple or third-party software.

    We don't limit the solutions to just one method of getting your Mac to boot but cover any methods that could help and let you get your Mac running to the point where you could repair the startup drive or further diagnosis the problem. A spare user account with administrative capabilities can help you troubleshoot problems with your Mac.

    The purpose of a spare account is to have a pristine set of user files, extensions, and preferences that can be loaded at startup.

    This can often get your Mac running if your depending user account is having problems, either at startup or while you're using your Mac. Once your Mac is up and running, you can use a variety of methods to diagnose and repair the problem.

    Start the system in Safe Boot mode

    You must create the account before trouble strikes, though, so be sure to put this task at the top of your to-do list. You can even have your Mac tell you each step it's taking during startup, so you can see where the startup process is failing. Some Mac startup problems are caused by an OS X update that went bad. Something happened during the installation process, such as a power hiccup or power outage. The end result can be a corrupt system that won't boot, or a system that boots but is unstable and crashes.