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The price of entry

Desktops and laptops haven't advanced a whole lot in the last year, so for the most part the Mini is just getting 's upgrades a year late. If that was all that was happening, the Mac Mini would be a welcome-if-overdue update to the desktop.

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The Mac Mini is more interesting than that but unfortunately for people who have been waiting for this refresh, it's more notable for the stuff it's missing than its upgrades. Visually, the Mac Mini looks the same as it has since Apple stopped shipping SuperDrive-equipped models back in It's an unadorned, flattened aluminum box with sharp edges and rounded corners. The front face is broken up by a small white power LED and an IR receiver, and the sides are perfectly smooth.

A separate piece of black plastic on the back of the unit houses the fan vent and a reasonably impressive complement of ports, which has changed only a little from last year. The FireWire port has finally been jettisoned the Mini was the last of the Macs to include the aging interface, though Thunderbolt-to-FireWire dongles still exist , and there's a second Thunderbolt 2 port in its place.

New Mac Mini Torn Down and Benchmarked: Ivy Bridge Kicks Ass

It's still annoying that Apple insists on placing all of the ports for its desktops on the back of the computers. It's no surprise at all for longtime Mac users, but PC switchers a group the Mini specifically targets may need to change their behavior. If you were hoping for some kind of reduction here, keep hoping.

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Further Reading Review: Delays to high-end Intel CPUs based on the new Broadwell architecture mean that most of the Mini's improvements came to every other Mac in the lineup in , so the box's insides do little to surprise. This Apple document has more information on external display support , but the most important thing you should know is that the Mini does not support multi-stream transport MST displays, meaning that 4K output at 60Hz is impossible.

2018 Mac mini + eGPU = Windows gaming machine!

The forthcoming DisplayPort 1. This document outlines the resolutions and refresh rates supported by various Intel GPUs. Of the other substantive improvements, the GPUs and the improved storage speeds are probably the biggest. It's still probably worth the extra cash if you want the fastest Mini you can get.

Not the upgrade we were hoping for: The 2014 Mac Mini reviewed

A quick note about these charts: The base Mini will score a little differently, but the numbers should be more-or-less the same. Neither of these new integrated GPUs will turn the Mac Mini into a gaming machine, but they bring the kind of improvements we'd expect in a generational jump.

The current iMac uses discrete GPUs, but older iMac models have used integrated graphics in the most-affordable The Mac mini, which was updated last July , will probably see an upgrade after the release of an Ivy Bridge iMac. What about new laptops? If Apple does have plans for such a laptop, it may not use any of the just-released Ivy Bridge processors.

The New Mac mini is Quickly Turning into a Disaster

The ultraportable model of the Ivy Bridge processor seem like the kind that would be used by the MacBook Air. But there are no signs from Apple that new Mac Pros are imminent, even though there seems to be user demand. Macworld Lab found that a inch 3.

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